Arlene Thompson-Brantley

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Arlene Thompson-Brantley, CTA, Vice President (Certified Travel Associate)

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Arlene Thompson-Brantley

Arlene Thompson-Brantley, Vice President

Arlene has been a traveler her entire life, spending Thanksgivings with her family in Mexico, Christmases in Colorado, and cruising the world. She even gave up the opportunity to be Chief of the Pawnees at her summer camp to travel in Europe.

She started her professional travel career in 1981 when she joined Adventure Tours in Dallas, Texas. For the next four years she worked on the wholesale travel side of the business. She left Adventure Tours in 1985 to join Addison Travel, a storefront retail agency, because she wanted to plan adventures for her own clients. In 1987 Rudi Steele Travel, one of the first API agencies, the precursor to Virtuoso, called and she made the leap to luxury leisure travel design.

She recognized early on that knowledge and expertise has value, and made the conscious decision to move to a fee-based structure. She has been consulting with clients and charging hourly for over 10 years. She works  with Virtuoso On-Sites worldwide to design personalized itineraries and this comprises well over 80% of her business.

Service to client needs, wants, requests, desires, dreams and expectations is her forte. She has developed the relationships with on-sites, hoteliers, cruise representatives and tour operators to create these itineraries of a lifetime.

She is a Certified Travel Associate  – CTA, a New Zealand Kiwi Specialist, Orient Express Bellini Club member, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Ritz Carlton STARS, and Rosewood Elite member.

Her sons, Jordan and Dalton have each caught the “Travel Bug” from their mother; Jordan traveled around the world on the MS Explorer with Semester at Sea, and Dalton attends Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. Her husband, Dan, has recently traveled to Buffalo, TX and ate lunch in Cleburne, TX. (He also visited the Napa and Sonoma Valley regions in California with Arlene last fall, so don’t feel sorry for him!)