Scotland Gleneagles The Ryder Cup 2014

The Gleneagles Hotel

If you’ve always dreamed about a gut wrenching golf trip to Scotland, join us for The 2014 Ryder Cup.
24-29 September 2014 | Hosted at the Gleneagles Hotel

PerryGolf trips to Scotland rarely lack for excitement but this one stands alone. If you like your professional golf played at the highest level, by 24 of the most accomplished players in the game, who are giving it their all to withstand the most intense pressure imaginable, join us for The 2014 Ryder Cup hosted at the Gleneagles Hotel.

The 2014 Ryder CupEach of our three packages offer luxury accommodation in St Andrews for five nights at the five-star Fairmont St Andrews Golf & Spa Resort. Our lead package includes every day attendance beginning with the Opening Ceremonies, golf at Kingsbarns, complimentary golf at the Fairmont’s Kittocks Course, five nights’ accommodation, shuttle service to Gleneagles and more. A limited number of “split attendance” packages are available for those who wish to share their time at the Ryder Cup with additional golf and sightseeing.

Pre-event golf packages are offered featuring Turnberry and the Highlands along with the St Andrews golf package highlighted by play on the fabled Old Course.

Contact Dan Brantley for details

Boeing’s New 787 Really Is A Dreamliner

Dan Dixon, Arlene Thompson-Brantley & Dan Brantley with Boeing's new 787

Dan Dixon, Arlene Thompson-Brantley & Dan Brantley with Boeing's new 787

We were fortunate to be invited by American Airlines to view Boeing‘s new 787 at DFW International Airport. With it’s swooping blue design the plane looks like a sleek, airborne dolphin. However Boeing has spared nothing when it comes to  high-tech touches like electro-translucent windows that dim with the touch of a button, no old fashioned shades for this plane. Seat back entertainment centers for the entire plane are a nice touch and brings the 787 in line with what Airbus has offered on it’s products for awhile. First Class is over the top, as is the norm these days, with what amounts to little roomettes for each passenger,  with enough room to invite someone over for drinks. Alas, the full-flat reclining seat, unlike Singapore Airlines, only slept one. Maybe the 797 will have “First Class for Tw!o”

China Redux

Margery Hunter

Margery Hunter

I’ve been to China before, and many of my clients have been, but this time was very different.   Every day brought an unusual experience that most travelers don’t get.

Everyone goes to the Great Wall, but our visit was to a section of the wall where few others go and where a lovely champagne lunch awaited in one of the guard towers.

Everyone know s the story of the Terra Cotta Warriors, at Xi’an -  that the  Emperor thought he would need an army to go on fighting in the afterlife and had thousands of soldiers made out of clay.  What they don’t know is that he also worried about needing workers to support his clay army.   Everything and everyone he might need was made out of clay – cooks, maids,  shepherds,  goats, cows –even children –and buried so they would be ready when he woke up in the next world.   There they lay for 2,200 years.  Visitors walk down a long ramp back into history, and in the dim light of the great pits will see the Emperor’s court of clay.

Visitors go to Guilin to see the weird landscape of limestone mountains which rise from the valley floor.  They float the lovely Li River on bamboo rafts as it winds through fantastic landscape.   For us, though, at the end of the day, a superb dinner was given in a cave inside one of the great mountains.